What is LED high bay lighting?

by Malcolm

When it comes to lighting industrial spaces, many factors need to be taken into account, especially the size of the place and also the type of work being carried out. The more light, the better the visibility, and for this reason, LED high bay lighting is used.

Lighting goes far beyond turning on a light bulb. Depending on the spaces and the activities that are carried out there will be a form of lighting according to and specific. LED lighting has been a great ally since, in addition to not heating up as much as traditional bulbs, they consume less energy.

The use of LED light has not only improved lighting systems in different areas, but it has also contributed to the fact that ecologically, but the impact of electricity consumption is also much less, polluting less and generating fewer costs.

LED high bay lighting is an industrial level lighting method, which is used in manufacturing areas, warehouses and warehouses, factories, car dealerships, storage centers, food processing plants, and even conference or meeting areas.

Some shopping malls also use this form of lighting in common areas and it is called a high-rise because it must meet certain requirements in terms of meters of distance between the ceiling and the floor.

Why are high bay lights used?

LED high bay lights are used as mentioned above for spaces such as factories or warehouses. Basically, they are used in very open spaces with ceilings that are approximately 8 to 20 meters high.

Although in addition to spaces, they are also taken into account in places or environments where there is either high or low temperature, such as refrigeration plants.

This type of lighting is high-performance. Even when there are inspections in factory or storage areas, it is requested by industrial safety to have LED high bay lighting to ensure that there is ideal lighting according to this type of industrial activity.

A well-lit place, whatever it is, ensures that visibility is much better. This is very important in large spaces or where machinery is handled to avoid work accidents due to lack of vision due to poor lighting.

Like any form of lighting, there are different lamps that can be matched to LED high bay lighting. Just because it is industrial lighting, does not mean that there are aesthetic factors to choose from when purchasing this type of product.

LED high bay lighting will probably be much more expensive in terms of lamps and installation due to the distance, however, LED light in general in addition to being white light that generates less heat, in the long run, the power consumption is lower, so you save energy and money on the service.

It is important to note that not always the LED high bay lighting is ideal for spaces such as those we have described, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a specialist to meet the lighting requirements of industrial areas and ensure adequate visibility with respect to the activity or tasks to be performed.

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