Considerations for Choosing a Cantilever Rack

by Malcolm

Cantilever racks are metallic structured shelving units. They are generally required in densely filled warehouses or storage plants. They are used to stockpile items that are not easily stored with pallets. Since the cantilever rack comes in different types and forms, you might be at a loss on which one to get. To solve this dilemma, it’s better to know what factors to consider before purchasing a cantilever rack. Once you know what these factors are, it will be easier to settle for one kind of cantilever rack.

Factors to Consider in choosing the right Cantilever Rack to buy

Load weight

The weight of the items to be stored determines the cantilever rack to buy. The cantilever under this category ranges from medium to extra heavy-duty capacities. Loads with lesser weights in the range of 3,300 – 16,200 lbs. should require a medium-duty; loads within the scope of 7,600 –57,000 lbs will need a heavy-duty cantilever, and loads with weights ranging from 13,000 – 58,000 Ibs will be stored in an extra heavy-duty cantilever rack.

Space Available

When considering the best dimensions for your cantilever rack, the space available in your warehouse informs your decision. All areas must be maximized. Also, breathing space for degenerative products should not be compromised at the expense of optimizing storage density.

Handling Equipment

Tools used to lift items from the racking matter in choosing the cantilever rack best suited for you. Some require a reach truck, while others a forklift. This required equipment will affect the racking to purchase.

Type of Racking System

In the market, there are several raking systems available. In this case, there is a need for a professional racking service. This ensures that the correct racking system for you is procured from the get-go.

These systems can be classified into three major types;

Single-Deep System

This is arguably the most popular of the racking systems in the market. It provides systems that are usually one pallet deep to accommodate low-density storage. It has the advantage of allowing unhindered access to every pallet.

Double-Deep System

A system is adopted when one pallet is stored behind another in a rack, and it usually requires a lift truck to access goods.

Push-back System

This system can store up to four loads from each side of the passage, allowing extra pallets storage. Other systems include; drive-in racking, gravity flow, and shuttle racking system. Therefore, the supplier should recommend a good racking system to ensure ease of processes in the storeroom.

Size of Pallet

It is essential to take note of the sizes of the pallets used in-store. This is because the racking system must be built in such a way to match the pallet’s size. In doing this, the pallet with the largest and smallest sizes are specifically noted.


Setting up a cantilever rack brings with it some aforementioned crucial considerations. You need to know its load weight, the amount of space available, pallet size, and others. If followed precisely, there is an assurance of buying or owning cantilever racks that will meet all requirements and optimize storage systems.

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