Commendable Features of ZSFloor Basketball Court Tiles

by Malcolm

Basketball is a popular game. However, unfortunately, not all enthusiasts have the capacity to make an asphalt court. Considering the increased costs of other kinds of courts, manufacturers came up with an economical option.

Tiled basketball courts have gained considerable fame recently, and ZSFloor is a commendable manufacturer in this regard. Their high-quality court tiles have made their way to the most popular playfields. In addition to their exciting colors and low maintenance, their basketball floor tiles offer plenty of other benefits. Let’s read about them!

Thermal Expansion System

Heat expands all materials, and basketball court tiles are no exception. If there is no flexibility in the tiles, they may crack easily. Following the basic physic concept, ZSFloor developed court tiles with a sound heat expansion system. Hence, they endure better in hot temperatures compared to other market alternatives.

The four-patent design of each tile prevents it from misbalancing and cracking when the temperature rises or during a vigorous game.

Cold Shrinkage System

The weather conditions don’t remain consistent. Sometimes you are playing a game in the wintery season, while at other times, the scorching heat amplifies your enthusiasm. Although other court tiles have good heat endurance, their performance significantly drops in cold temperatures.

Low temperature tends to shrink the tiles, causing them to crack. Hence, ZSFloor tiles have shrinkage properties that help them stand out in cold temperatures.

Textured Surface

You won’t be able to play effectively if the basketball court keeps throwing glares in your eyes! The surface of the ZSFloor tiles has a textured finish, preventing slipping and glare. So, you can enjoy the game’s thrill without any reflections blocking your way.

Flexibility Fittings

Although the space between the tiles is not observable at first look, it is there. These little cavities allow the tiles to react to the varying pressure and force during the game. Moreover, they also increase the ball bouncing rate of the court as the tiles bend easily, giving the ball the strength it needs to reach your teammate.

In-Built Security

Regarding security, asphalt basketball courts are the best because no one drills out a court! However, basketball court tiles make an easy theft target because they are easily uninstallable.

Hence, the company introduced a fixture system in the tiles to prevent theft. There are four fixture screws to ensure the tiles remain glued to the ground. These screws also prevent the tiles from displacing months after the installation. It is essential to ensure the anti-displacement mechanism of the court tiles, especially when buying tiles for public or institutional basketball courts.

The Buffering System

The fixture screws have a wave pattern to absorb high-intensity shocks. Moreover, these screws provide the needed comfort as they shrink and expand the tiles giving you the extra push to basket the game-changing goal!


Asphalt basketball courts are the best; however, they require an increased upfront. Therefore, to fulfill the playing needs of everyday basketball players, ZSFloor manufactures basketball court tiles. These tiles are chunks of polypropylene that are ageless in themselves. However, they provide additional benefits as well.

The ZSFloor court tiles offer impeccable temperature endurance due to their heat expansion and cold contraction properties. Moreover, they feature fixture screws to provide the needed comfort and increase playing efficiency. Lastly, they come in thirteen exciting colors, so you have no problem customizing the court for the next gameplay.

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