What Are The Parts of A CNC Machine Meant for Safety

by Malcolm

Trying out aluminum machining independently is always an exciting idea. There are manual methods to shape and cut your aluminum. But at the same time, there are also a number of machines that ensure you cut and shape the machine properly. Amongst all the machines, one that takes away all stress and hectic processes is the CNC machine. The CNC machine works with little or no input from you. In fact, you do not necessarily have to bother about how the machine is going to create what you want from the aluminum. All that matters is understanding the computer programs that will be needed to run the machines. After that, you need to set up the machine appropriately to understand and follow these computer programs. The CNC machine requires a complete setup and an operator who understands the programs.

CNC machines work with the CAD and CAM segments, both standing for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, respectively. As the name implies, the computer-aided design segment focuses on designing what you intend to produce from the CNC machine. The design is very clear in a 3-dimensional image. That way, you get to see what you are about to produce carefully. If there are any errors, you can make corrections and ensure it is perfect. After the design process has finished, you are left with the manufacturing. Unlike other machines, you do not need to handle the CNC device to work. It produces automatically, under the guidance of the computer programs. Your human interference is highly reduced with a CNC machine, but it does not mean the machine doesn’t pose some risks. In a bid to reduce the risks posed by a CNC machine, most manufacturers add some parts to the machine. Some of the safety parts of the machine include;

Contact mats

When a CNC machine is working, there may be some mistakes. More often than not, the mistakes come from the design from the fault of the manufacturer. However, as long as the operator has started the program, the machine will obey the command. In a bid to end the program immediately, the contact mats are handy. All the operator needs to do is step on these mats and everything halts. These mats are also useful when you’re going close to the machine.

Soundproof casing

Some CNC machines come with a casing to reduce the impact of sound coming from the device. The noise coming from a CNC machine is usually much, and it may damage your hearing over time. The soundproof case will help reduce the noise, but that isn’t the only function. It also protects you from any fragments that may fly into your eyes or any other part.

Emergency control button

Usually, the emergency control button of the CNC machine is necessary, and usually put at three different locations. Regardless of the one you press, this button switches off the system totally, ensuring safety.

Guard fence

This place secures the perimeter of the machine, ensuring no one touches any moving part.

Curtain guards

The curtain guard is right behind the guard fence. It is used to prevent any loose fragment from entering into the eyes of operators or any onlookers.

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