Different Types of Shopping Trolleys – Pros and Cons

by Malcolm

Before purchasing the shopping trolleys for business, many buyers seem to be confused about which type of trolley they should buy. This question makes sense because not all the shops use the same trolley.

Picking the correct trolley type can be a daunting experience, except you’ll read a perfect guide. Here in this article, we will explain how and which trolley would be the most appropriate for your business.

If you are interested to know, read till the end!

Things to Consider

Before jumping into different types of shopping trolleys, you should keep a few things in mind.

  1. The size and weight of items you are selling
  2. Did kids visit your shop often?
  3. The area of your shop

Type of Shopping Trolleys

The types of shopping trolleys are usually based on their design and material.

I. Types Based on Design

i. The Standard Trolley

Standard trolleys are the most common carts used in supermarkets, retail shops, and general stores. These trolleys are available in metal and plastic materials, but metal ones are more often.

This type consists of a deep and large basket with a handle, four wheels, and in a few cases, the Child seat.


  • Can be used for both large and small items
  • Contain large space
  • Can easily carry hefty items


  • Hard to maneuver if filled
  • Cover an ample space in the store

ii. The Bottom Tray Trolley

The bottom tray trolley is a type of standard trolley in which an additional bottom tray is present to increase the capacity. These carts are made from metal as no plastic can tolerate such high item weight.


  • Dual capacity than standard
  • Doesn’t cover the double space than the standard one
  • Durable


  • Difficult to move by one person
  • Risk of product falling from the bottom tray, which doesn’t have sidewalls

iii. The Child-Friendly Trolley

According to research, more than twenty-five kids get injured from shopping trolleys. Manufacturers designed different child-friendly trolleys to minimize this ratio to keep them safe and engaged.

These trolleys are usually made from plastic and metal combo in the form of electric vehicles or scooters with attached baskets. So, kids can easily enjoy shopping without getting injured or disturbing their parents.

You can check the ikea shopping cart collection for innovative trolley designs.


  • Great solution for parents
  • Usually automatic, didn’t need to push


  • Pricey
  • Not all the markets have these trolleys

iv. Tote Trolley

Tote trolleys are compact, flexible carts with many separate carts/trays. These baskets are ideally designed to receive vendor supplies at the store. These trolleys are made from a metal frame with racks to put removable tote.

These trolleys make it easier to put heavy items separately without affecting productivity.


  • Cover bulk items in a small space
  • Easy to push


  • Cannot be used by the customers

v. Roller Basket

As the name indicates, roller baskets are like simple baskets with a handle and two wheels. The handle and wheels make moving the basket easier than carrying it. These baskets are designed to have fewer but heavy items.


  • Cover a small area
  • Provide large vertical capacity
  • Usually of plastic, lightweight and easy to use


  • Need to push harder with heavy items
  • Less stable

II. Types Based on Material

There are two types of shopping trolleys based on material;

  • Plastic trolleys
  • Steel trolleys

Both of these types are ideal for routine shopping. Steel trolleys last much longer than plastic. However, plastic trolleys are easy to carry.

Hopefully, all the aforementioned types will be knowledgeable and help you make the best decision. While shopping, it’s not necessary to buy only one type; you can place an order for more than one required trolley type.

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