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Pregnancy is something of a roller coaster ride for your body and can cause a number of strange side effects as well as the more common ones that we are all familiar with and here a PREGNANCY is probably EVALUATED on the basis of SYMPTOMS which occur in a woman in the near future after OVULATION .
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Diabetes develops when the body cannot produce or use insulin, an essential hormone made in the pancreas. Insulin helps move glucose (a form of sugar) from the blood into the cells of your body. When blood glucose goes too high, people experience a variety of symptoms. In diabetes, rising blood sugar acts like a poison.


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Ocmeys is one of the venture from syemco® group of companies.

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Ocmeys has had diversified itself in the field of medical research and now after an indepth study is keen to promote worldwide medical awareness.

We are also looking forth into other fields like astrology, palmistry, vastu and self-assessment games for teens to motivate them and give their life a positive 'u-turn'.

Ocmeys wants to assure 100% user delight to ensure a life-long health benefit. We deliver the best softwares for the evaluation of the concerned medical aspect and thus deliver a true, best possible output to the user.

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